Richard Horowitz & Associates is a unique law firm that combines legal, investigative, and security skills with an appreciation of international relations when necessary in pursuing client interests.  

As nearly every legal matter – whether deciding the legal status of your situation, discreet inquiries or settlement negotiations, or litigation – depends on information and strategic planning, Richard Horowitz & Associates has a track record of success on behalf of its clients.  Our firm’s advantage is our multi-faceted approach to legal issues, working diligently using a unique combination of these skills and techniques, thereby providing our clients with an advantage when confronting a legal matter or adversary. 

With our investigative and security-minded approach, we handle varied domestic and international situations where these skills are required and provide our clients with a strategic advantage when facing these legal matters that arise in the course of business, often pre-empting or thwarting legal attacks by an adversary.

Richard Horowitz & Associates has provided legal investigative and investigative and consulting services to companies from various industries including financial services, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, computer and software, and aviation, and to high net worth individuals.