Richard Horowitz has given 150 presentations in 20 countries since he first began publicly speaking on the methods and mentality of terrorism in November 1994 in response to the World Trade Center 1993 attack.

Over the years he has added additional topics to his portfolio, mainly dealing with money laundering methods and financial and corporate fraud investigations, trade secret law, corporate international intelligence and security, business intelligence, corporate espionage, and the legality of investigative techniques.

Presentations to corporate clients and to numerous annual conventions and local chapters meetings of the same trade association or organization are not included in this list.

Oct 2023 Presentation at a congressional briefing on Capitol Hill on military and legal aspects of Israel’s response to the Hamas October 7th attack sponsored by Hindu Action and Namaste-Shalom Multifaith Alliance, Washington, DC
May 2023 Navigating the Intersection of Law and Competitive Intelligence, webinar sponsored by Proactive Worldwide Inc.
Mar 2023 Comparative American and Israeli Public Corruption Jurisprudence, webinar sponsored by the American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists
Nov 2020 Ethics and Competitive Intelligence, webinar sponsored by the University of California Irvine School of Business
Jun 2019 Intelligence, Strategy, and Ethics in Conflict Resolution, Association for Conflict Resolution Greater New York Chapter
May 2018 Competitive Intelligence and the Law, SCIP Conference, Orlando FL.
Aug 2017 Participated in a roundtable discussion on incident response at the Fraud and Breach Prevention Summit in New York sponsored by the Information Security Media Group.
Jan 2017 American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, Implications of UN Security Council Resolution 2334, New York
Mar 2016 Monaco Wealth Forum, World Affairs and Security Affecting Wealth Management, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Feb 2016 Bulgarian School of Politics, The Migrant Crisis and European Union Security, Pravets, Bulgaria
Nov 2015 Council of Europe - Word Forum For Democracy, Combating Terrorism, Strasbourg, France
Jul 2013 Terrorism and the Youth of Africa: A Threat to International Peace and Security, Engr. Aja Eze Foundation, New York
Sep 2012 DC Bar CLE course on trade secret law, Washington, DC
Jun 2012 Hudson Valley Bank CLE course on the Offshore Industry, New York
Jun 2012 NY Metro Infragard Security Summit on Domestic Terrorism, New York
May 2011 Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners, Bermuda
Jul 2010 Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Annual Conference, Washington, DC
Oct 2009 Seminar on Human Rights and Terrorism, co-sponsored by the Spanish Foreign Ministry, Council of Europe, Club of Madrid, Malaga, Spain
Oct 2009 Anti-Money Laundering Compliance and Financial Crimes Conference, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Sep 2009 Pharma Competitive Intelligence Conference, Parsippany, NJ
Apr 2009 Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals Annual Convention, Chicago, IL
Feb 2009 The Sixth Worldwide Security Conference sponsored by the East-West Institute, Brussels, Belgium
Nov 2008 Ethics in Intelligence, Immigration, and Security, University of Texas Pan American, McAllan, TX
Jun 2008 Special Libraries Association Annual Convention, Seattle, Washington
Jun 2008 Intellenet Annual Convention, Sorrento, Italy
May 2008 National Council of Investigative and Security Services Annual Convention,  NY
Jun 2007 Certified Fraud Examiners, Investigative Ethics Seminar, Los Angeles, CA
Mar 2007 Conference Law and Terrorism, Bahcesehir University Law School, Istanbul, Turkey
Apr 2006 Annual Convention of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, FL
Jan 2006 The Intelligence Summit, Washington, DC
Jun 2005 Business Threat Awareness Council, New York, NY
Jan 2005 Israel Chapter of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Aug 2004 NDAs & Other Legal Considerations When Interviewing New Employees from Competitors, interview Rivalscape Intelligence Consultants  
Sep 2004 Competitive Intelligence Conference, New York, NY
May 2003 American Society of Industrial Security, European Conference, Prague, Czech Republic
Feb 2003 Symposium on Negotiating With Terrorists And Non-State Actors, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, New York, NY
May 2002 Gartner, Information Security Conference, Chicago, IL
Nov 2002 Shorex, The Wealth Management Forum, Geneva, Switzerland
Sep 2002 American Society for Industrial Security Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA.
Sep 2002 Pharma Business Intelligence Summit, Iselin, NJ
Jun 2002 Fuld Gilad Hering Academy of Competitive Intelligence, Boston, MA
Sep 2001 3rd Annual Competitive Intelligence in Insurance and Financial Services, Chicago, IL
Jun 2001 Strategic Research Institute, Competitive Intelligence Conference, NJ.
Nov 2001 Shorex, The Wealth Management Forum, Paris, France
Mar 2001 National Intellectual Property Law Institute, Washington, DC
Oct 2000 European Forum for Information Sharing, Brussels, Belgium
Nov 2000 Shorex, The Wealth Management Forum, Punta del Este, Uruguay
Jun 2000 Shorex, The Wealth Management Forum, Riga, Latvia
Jun 2000 Security Criteria 2000, XI Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina
May 2000 Annual Conference of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, Washington, DC
Nov 1999 Mexican Petroleum Institute, Mexico City, Mexico
Aug 1999 National Cargo Security Council, Kings Point, NY
May 1999 Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals Annual Convention, Montreal, Canada
Feb 1999 American Society for Industrial Security, 17th Annual Government/Industry Conference on Terrorism, Washington, DC
Dec 1998 European Competitive Intelligence Conference, London, England
May 1998 Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence and Research Group, Santa Barbra, CA
Apr 1998 National Information Infrastructure Protection in the 21st Century, Duke University
Mar 1998 Pharmaceutical Market Research Group, New Jersey
Mar 1998 EuroIntel, Brussels, Belgium
Oct 1997 National Classification Management Society, Princeton, NJ
Jun 1997 American Corporate Counsel Association, Legal Executive Forum, Chicago, IL
Apr 1997 National Security Institute Annual Convention, Mclean, VA
Feb 1997 Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals Symposium on the Economic Espionage Act, Washington, DC
Jan 1997 East European Security Conference, Poznan, Poland
Sep 1996 American Society for Industrial Security Annual Convention, Atlanta, GA.
Aug 1996 World Association of Detectives Annual Convention, Maui, Hawaii
Feb 1996 The International Criminal Law Committee of the American Bar Association, Washington, DC
Jun 1995 Interagency OPSEC Support Staff, Albuquerque, NM
Nov 1994 Open Source Solutions Annual Convention, Washington, DC